This photograph came about on a day when I was playing with flowers and my 4 megapixel Kodak EasyShare. 

It’s a simple shot, his hands out, a black curtain draped over him and over his arms. Place the flower in his hand and voila! there it is. Convert to b&w, strengthen the darks and crop square. Sounds simple.

The idea behind it is not so simple.

I enjoy erotic and fetish photography, but, being a woman, I don’t necessarily want to always shoot what I feel is the same, old, male-centric photos. You know the ones — the dominatrix is wearing leather or latex, four inch heels and brandishing a whip, flogger or riding crop.

So there came “Offering.”

It’s an offering of submission….

Ok, then we could get into a whole discussion about submission and kink and all that but what would be the point? I’ll bet when you read the words “dominatrix” and “submission” a whole slew of ideas and images flew through your head unbidden.

And I will tell you now that a submissive man should never be equated with a weak or spineless man. He is often very secure in his masculinity and does not fear devoting himself to pleasing his love.


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