What are you looking at?

Sometimes we see without really looking.

Sometimes we miss seeing completely through the rushing of our day.

What did the sky look like when you went to work this morning? Was the sun up yet? Were there clouds in the sky, or was it clear? What kind of blue was it, pale or deep? Were the clouds puffy or thin? Was the sun a vibrant orange or a golden yellow-gold?

Often I find it difficult to quiet my head, so I try to park the car for fifteen minutes in the morning and take some pictures. Luckily Forest Park is on my way to work so I can grab some minutes there. There’s always something slightly different, even in the areas I see often, and if there’s a fog, I really hustle because it burns off as the sun rises in the sky. The light is different now than during the summer too, because sunrise is getting later and later.

I love this exercise because it makes me focus, it makes me look at the small things and the bigger picture (no pun intended). The next time you look, really look. Look at paintings, look at brushstrokes, look at the details that the artist chose to include, and then contemplate on what the artist chose to leave out.  Look at the random single leaf that landed on your car: what color is it? What color was it? Next time you drive by a park, how many shades of green do you see?

What do you see when you stop and really look?


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