Max is my bud.

A very dear friend, Marilyn Pona, allowed me to adopt him about eleven years, which makes him about thirteen now.  He’s about 65 lbs and still keeps us safe from marauding bands of pirate squirrels.

I take Max on car rides when the weather’s cool (the A/C in the old Ford don’t work so good), and usually post a Facebook picture of him as we’re taking off. His adventures along the Great River Road, and along the Mississippi River have earned him a modest fan base for his roadtrip pictures. I get to drive and take pictures.

I took this picture one morning (8/29, according to the Exif data) when I had gotten up at 4 AM (not intentionally, I had an inflamed leg nerve that wouldn’t let me sleep). We ended up in Forest Park, near the Art Museum. There’s a break in the hedges that leads to a path which overlooks the Grand Basin, and I got Max to sit and not look like I’m about to attack him with the camera.

And, actually, this was taken with my cell phone. Probably why there’s a sun flare…. hmmm.

Anyway, be open to moments of life wherever, whenever they show up.


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