Shooting at Litchfield

An accidental-not-too-bad shot.

Taken this summer in Litchfield, Illinois, at one of the Cowboy Action Shooting events, this is Reed Books, the man who introduced me to Single Action Shooting events and historical reenactments.

From a technical aspect, this shot is not so good, because it’s not a full, true silhouette, but I like it because it captures him in an unguarded moment, and some of the detail of his clothes can be seen. The clothes are so important for him because he shoots in the category “B Western.” It tickles me watching him fuss with his clothes….

Today, he and two other friends are taking me to the shooting range today to teach me how to shoot, and I feel funny about that.

I’m looking forward to it, but I’m a New York City kid — I understand  the need for firearms, but I never thought I’d shoot them myself. Here I’m ready to try it. LOL what would my brother the cop think of this? Gonna have to get a picture of that!

Then there’s that little secret I hold so dearly…. That monster competitor that’s inside me…. We’ll see.


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