Previews and Reviews

On Friday, two of my images will be exhibited at the Koken Art Factory, Ohio & Sidney, here in St. Louis at the Monster Mash Art Bash. Aside from Beatnik’s Cafe in New Town, it will be the first time my art will be shown. The above image is one of the two images.

On a lark, I sent an invitation via Facebook to my stepdaughter’s husband inviting them, my stepdaughter and her husband, to come down Friday night to the show. I know they will not.

She has not spoken to me since her father and I separated. She has never asked me anything about it, and the last time I ran into her, she looked at me as if I was something that crawled out of a pit.

But I think of her often, because she was a budding photographer. She discovered it in high school, and took to it well. She was not only developing her eye, but her voice as well. She took a semester or two of college, with photography, and then dropped it all.

It took me three years but I figured it all out. I figured out why she took a job so far away from home, and why she went to community college so far away from home. I also figured out why she won’t talk to me: I was the only one who would say “No” to her, which, I believe, is ultimately why I couldn’t live with her father anymore.

That she’s married, living in North County now, is pretty much all I know about her life. 

Sometimes I miss her.

More often, I miss the voice she chose to silence.


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