Eclectic Exuberance

For some years, my old neighborhood association of  Tower Grove East ran a holiday contest for best dressed houses among the members of the association. They had categories such as “Traditional,” “Best Use of [whatever]”, and so on. In fact, I’ve forgotten most of the categories except for one: Eclectic exuberance. defines exuberant as: 1. Full of unrestrained enthusiasm or joy. 2. Lavish; extravagant. 3. Extreme in degree, size, or extent. 4. Growing, producing, or produced abundantly; plentiful.

I like that phrase so much I’ve incorporated it into a birthday greeting that I offer friends: “May your year be full of joyful whimsy and eclectic exuberance!”

In other words, enjoy!

Every day, I try to see it: the joyful whimsy and the eclectic exuberance, but I don’t always succeed.

Some days my job has one foot in the super-stressful, and the other in  the Bizarro World, and I worry that  I’m really just a janitor in Arkham Asylum. 

But then someone will ask me to check in on their cat (“Big Boy”) over the weekend or I’ll flip through some old photos like this one, and I realize that my job is not my life.

My life is my life, and I love the people I have in it. They are the ones who bring the whimsy and exuberance into my life, and show me new things.

And then, I do enjoy.


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