The other morning Misha and I went to the Missouri Botanical Garden to see their annual model train display. I had never seen it before, primarily because I don’t like crowds of children running amuck, especially when I have to pay an entry fee to be subjected to it. But since I bought a membership last August, I decided to take advantage of it.

It was lots of fun: Model trains of various sizes amid lovely seasonal plants. I got several shots that I think will become next season’s holiday cards. We also checked out the tropical rain forest in the Climatron, the geodesic dome greenhouse that is one of the Gardens’ jewels. There are so many things to see.

When I make photographs, I often find my mental processes *shift.* My brain can translate what I see into a black and white conversion, or I focus on a single drop of rain and how the light bounces off and through it. The gift shop with the light bouncing off glass …. oooooooh, shiney! I start observing relationships among lines and curves and light … I lose track of time.

Moonlight is a crazy light. Everything becomes washed out and silvered and color becomes a memory. Snow-light is crazier still.

But it’s all home to me, the light-dances are, they’re all invitations to dive in and make pictures, and happily, I do.


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