Thinking of You

[In the middle of December, I fell and broke my radius (forearm) bone in three places. Photography and blogging took a back seat to healing.]

For me, life is roadways stretched before me: bear to the right, bear to the left, go forward, go backward, always moving, always choosing.

Sometimes the road shows you the results immediately, whether they be good or bad.

Sometimes the results stay hidden behind a cloak until only the rear view mirror of hindsight can show you what you just drove over.

Sometimes the road is brightly lit and clearly marked.

Sometimes it’s not and you have to decide if the risk is worth driving through the dark.

Whatever you decide, I’m thinking of you, too.


One thought on “Thinking of You

  1. I’ll steer to the right. Rushing headfirst into traffic would result in more than a broken forearm. I know that stretch of River Road. I’ve spent many a winter day travel up and down the road in search of the eagles during winter. And like many highways, you can travel both sides. Up in the morning, and down in the afternoon. Given my intense passion for photographing eagles, I suspect a broken limb might only slow my photography, not interrupt it.

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