Pffft! it’s gone!

January wanes: What was new and looked forward to is suddenly behind us, and becomes a fleeting moment never to be seen again.

Where did the time go? We ask this question all the time. Time flies, we answer.

 It’s such a simple word, but filled with both hopefulness and regret; quantifiable to a degree, but uncatchable, and unrepeatable.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Donn lately. I knew him a million years ago (time) when I lived in New York; he was my first serious crush, and he was always my bud. He gave me my “sweet sixteen” kiss.  He moved to Maine, and I visited him there a couple of times (time).

I haven’t seen him in twenty-five years. (Time!)

I am soon to be 48 years old (time again!) and I have a Facebook account. Through the magic of the Internet, I have “reconnected” with someone I never expected to find again. How cool is that?

Times change.

Who is he, and who is me, now, at this point in our lives? His life is complicated, my life is complicated and do we even have anything to talk about? Or maybe the question is: Did we ever have anything to talk about?

I hate January. The overcast skies make me too introspective and restless.

“Time it is a precious thing, Time brings all things to your mind, Time with all its labours along with all its joys, and Time brings all things to an end.”


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