The Age of Aquarius

This morning Radio Free Bunny was playing an all instrumental version of “The Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” from the musical, “Hair.”

I was a kid, about six, when “Hair” performed on Broadway. I remember the subway posters, and some of the songs were recorded and played on the radio.

While I’m not astrologically savvy enough to know if we are (or aren’t) in the Age of Aquarius, I do know that the lyrics of this song always had me feeling hopeful — that we as people can bring peace to our lives and our planet.

We are human beings. We are born, we grow, we skin our knees. We have blood and internal organs. We pee and poop.

We die.

Everything else is artificially created. Jobs, careers, religion … We have these things to fulfill the human need in us to be useful and contributing.

Politics is about trying to create order out of chaos (and, yes, it seems like chaos oftentimes gains the upper hand).

Differences in religion seems to be the primary cause of people killing people, which is strange to me. If there is God (or whatever your preferred identifying name for deity), and God gives us free will, and I choose to follow one religious path, and Uncle Marty another, then it’s cool, ya? Why would God, who loves us, want us to annihilate others because they simply do not share a particular point of view? 

I do not get this.

I probably never will.


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