The title of this piece is “Gears, There & Everywhere,” and it, like almost all of the photos on this blog, are posted on my Flickr account.

I uploaded my first picture on Flickr on May 26, 2009. As of today, I have posted 581 photos, and they have been viewed 15,760 times, for an average view of 27.13 per picture.

Thus far, none of my photos have been chosen for “Explore.”

I could say that it doesn’t matter, but it does. Some of the images that I’ve seen chosen for their “Interesting-ness” baffles me, but it won’t stop me from shooting and posting. It’s been fascinating in its own way, seeing how my work has changed over the course of almost two years. I love it too much to stop.

So I will keep on “exploring” my own world and adventures and document the bit of  “interesting-ness” that pass my way, because that’s what I do: I’m a photographer.


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