Time Stopped

Last Saturday, the St. Louis area got a nice inch or two of snow. Currently (at 5:04 PM) it is 85 degrees.

In between last week and this week, I shot over two hundred pictures, posted about 10% to Flickr, met friends for dinner, watched CSI on DVD, bought chocolate rabbits for my brother and his family, went to a jazz club to watch an acquaintance’s quartet play, and was friended on Facebook by a guy I haven’t seen in, oh, over twenty years?

And when I saw his friend request, time stopped, contracted, and I was suddenly back in the neighborhood bar with him, drinking long neck Buds. It was the one and only time I drank that much beer at any one time.

I had a crush on him, I had had one since grade school; true fact. Like a lot of crushes, he went his way, and I went mine, until “social media” brings it all back, all the memories that had faded.

What does this have to do with the weather in St. Louis? Not a damned thing. I was just feeling nostalgic.



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