Dare to Be Different

Back in the ancient history days of the ’80s, while many of my peers were listening to metal bands, I veered into New Wave, and, consequently Things British.

That’s right, I was a card-carrying member of the Squeeze Fan Club, and to this day, if Chris Difford showed up on my doorstep and asked me to run away from him, I would. AOR stations like WNEW-FM were great, but they barely scratched the surface, and then I found….. WLIR, which became WDRE. They’re motto was (at least for a while) “Dare to be different.” That station exposed me to all sorts of new wave bands, bands I still listen to today.

But being different is hard work.

For something like a radio station, it’s a risky business venture, being different. Will advertisers pay money to air commercials on “something different?” And it’s all about getting the advertising dollars to stay on the air.

Being a person who’s different is hard work too. People don’t get you; they view you through their own experience filters. If who you are differs from what they’re comfortable with, you don’t fit. Even “fringe” groups turn their backs on people who don’t fit their niche of fringe.

How do you truly view individuality?


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