Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

This is a caper. It was in bloom in the Temperate House at the Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago. It was beautiful, and unique, yet people walked right past it, never really seeing it, except maybe peripherally.

The internet fascinates me. I love the ease with which I can link to different places, different worlds, read the words of people who are oceans away from me.

I also harbor some sadness too, because I used to have penpals. I used to write letters to about a dozen different people in various parts of the world, pen on paper, folded, sealed in envelopes and sent away with stamps. It took time. It took patience.

During that period I also had a membership to the Squeeze fan club. You know Squeeze — what radio station hasn’t played “Tempted” about a billion times. (Not one of my favorites, btw.) I had most of their vinyl at one time, including a bootleg from a Madison Square Garden gig.

I was, and still am, a Chris Difford fan.


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