I don’t watch television. We don’t have cable or Dish, so anything that’s currently in the news I glean from Yahoo News and KMOX radio. Occasionally, I’ll stray into the New York Times, but I do that mostly to see what’s going on in New York.

Lately, the media is all abuzz about Representative Weiner from Brooklyn who sent suggestive pictures and texts to women-not-his-wife. Then he lied about it. Then he ‘fessed up. The media is still all abuzz, and other politicians are too: He should resign, he should not resign, should he resign?


It’s just sex, folks.

The internet and social media has made it easier to communicate with vast numbers of people who you hithertofore (lovin’ me that word!) had no idea even existed. Naughty chat sites are all over the place, and folks indulge to get themselves off. More often than not is is a means to indulge in a naughty fantasy, to escape briefly from this nine-to-five-brick-and-mortar world.

What’s good or bad about it is the value we each place on it.

I heard on the news this afternoon that other Democrats want Representative Weiner to resign because he is a distraction: that whenever a Democrat has a speech or a press conference, the subject gets asked. Whoopty do. Two words: Take control. It’s your press conference, you answer the questions pertinent to your agenda.

It’s just sex.

If you’re too embarrassed to talk about it, you’re not mature enough to be doing it.


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