Go Walk!

Since the second week in June, I’ve done my best to go walking every morning.

Misha needs to be at work before seven; I don’t have to be at work until eight. Forest Park lies between his job and mine, so every morning, unless it’s raining, I stop there.

My path is simple now: I take the path just east of the small lake, east of the Grand Basin. You can see it from the drive: It’s the one that has the bridge crossing over it.

There are several small water falls and lots of wild flowers, and most mornings you can see some sort of bird life, such as robins, grackles and ducks. Sometimes there are Canada geese, but what has fascinated me is this fellow, shown here.

I think he’s an egret.

He’s quite an elegant bird, and very patient. He can be skittish, but if you walk very slowly, and don’t make any big or fast movements, he’ll allow you to watch him.

It’s amazing to me how many people walk by and don’t even notice him.

What did you notice today?


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