This Space For Rent

I’ve been walking every day since June, trying to increase my daily exercise. I’ve made good progress, but with that, I have developed a sore left foot. It’s been going on for over a month that I can remember, so I finally broke down and looked for a podiatrist.

Up until now, except for the occasional gynecological visits, I’ve only used a primary card physician, a general practitioner. I checked my network for podiatrists and found one that was reasonably close and was taking new patients. My appointment was for 4:30 this afternoon. I left work an hour early to be there.

The sign on the building said “Diabetes and Medical Care” but I parked anyway and went in. The main reception area was actually on a lower floor, so I should have gone through the back, but there were no signs directing me there. Nor were there signs in the front with the doctor’s name … I wasn’t even sure I was in the right place.

I went inside, and downstairs, and asked, “Is there a podiatrist that practices at this location?” and a man said “Yes, that’s me.” I said great, he said sign in. I signed in at 4:23.

And waited.

At 4:45 the receptionist finally noticed me and asked if I was there to see the doctor. I said yes, and she looked at the sign in sheet. She asked me to come up and sign disclosure forms. She said the doctor had had an emergency earlier and was running behind.  I asked then how far behind? She said all three exam rooms were full, and then there was me and two other patients. I gave her back her papers and said I couldn’t do this, I had another place to be at 5:30, and left.

Fast forward, and the 5:30 coffee date stood me up.


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