“It’s the most unhappy people who most fear change.”  — Mignon McLaughlin, via
Five or six years ago, I drove from St. Louis to Myrtle Beach to visit my mother. Unlike my usual trip-planning, I didn’t take a map book or book a hotel; I printed out the bare minimum from MapQuest, and drove as far as I could before calling it a night (from St. Louis, that would be the far side of Nashville).
When I got to Myrtle Beach, I drove around the town… my mother’s husband remarked that in a couple of days I was more familiar with the streets than mom was after living there for three years, because she was afraid to drive too far afield.
His remark, coupled with my mother’s shock that I would just *drive* has remained in my memory, mostly because I realized at that moment how much my mother feared life.
I don’t believe she’s the only one who does; Life is hard. Life is tough. Life is often fraught with sadness and disappointments and changes…
But Life is so full of surprises too: the sparkle of the early morning frost, the formation of south-flying ducks overhead, the joy of a new friendship.
I have been afraid of change. It’s far easier to allow the fear to be in charge of decisions, because the decision will always lean towards the staus quo. Sometimes that’s the correct path, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it leads you deeper into the darkness until your eyes are used to it and it’s all you know.
I choose the lighted path.

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