you’re restless

I understand: so am I


I would


I would touch you –

chart the hills and valleys

of your body with my fingertips


I would

read the freckled braille

of your sun kissed shoulders

with my lips


I would

eagerly devour

your restlessness

with my soul


I would

seize your sighs

securing them

like medals to my breast


I would

gladly yield

to sweet pinches of pain

for the rush

of pleasure in its wake


I would

I understand


Today: I was looking at some old blog entries from another site I was on and I came across this. While I remember a lot of the things that happened then, many things have faded from Time. Apparently I wrote this. I don’t remember why I wrote it, or if I wrote it with someone in mind, but when I read it today, I realized I wanted it back.

At the time I wrote this I was recently separated from my then-spouse. I was in a self-discovery mode. I was finding passion in myself (creative, spiritual and sexual) that I didn’t realize existed within me.

Passion is an interesting feeling. I think that to release your passion, you have to trust who you’re with — you have to trust that they won’t be afraid of it, that they’ll accept it, that they’ll hold you in its aftermath when you’re most vulnerable.


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