Shades of Grey, originally written April 13, 2008


Tonight, on Masterpiece Theatre, is the television adaptation of EM Forster’s “A Room With a View.”


One character said, “Do you live life to the full?”


The other replied, “No, I haven’t the courage.”


Most of us are like that: we haven’t the courage to live life to the fullest.


It’s safer to sit and be who we’re supposed to be than to stand up and be who we want to be. It’s safer to go to the same job day in and day out than to find the occupation that really excites us. It’s safer to do what is expected of us than say “No.” It’s safer to wish for something in the future than to change the present.


I’m not criticizing anyone: I myself often choose the known quantity over the unknown, but I’ve also known to jump in feet first to try something new.


I suppose the dialog struck a nerve because I don’t want my last thought to be “I wish I had _____(fill in the blank)___.”


One thought on “Recycled

  1. I love “A Room With a View.” My friend introduced me to the book when I was fifteen and I didn’t understand it at the time. It’s one of those books you have to read a bit later to truly grasp the themes. Random thought, but I think you might appreciate, “The Comfort Zone,” by Jonathan Franzen.

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