Time Matters

“…Time with all its labours , and time with all its joys, time brings all things to an end….”

I feel the passing of Time: The days are shortening again; night comes earlier, stays longer, before being nudged out of the sky by Dawn. As Time passes, it changes all it touches, and even the wild things who are not governed by clocks and deadlines, change too.

I took this photograph yesterday morning.

Never again will this flower be at this place in its existance, and never again will that little ant walk across that petal in the same way ever again.

This moment is gone.


One thought on “Time Matters

  1. Gorgeous image from a snapshot of time. Like this flower, how is time counted? In ticks of a clock, in sunrises, in laughter of the afternoon. My time is counted only by those moments that take my breath away, by the kisses i yearn for, the discoveries beneath my feet. Love too has its own ways of being measured. Ticks of the clock are not the only way of enjoying the passing of time.

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