Road Trip-itis

It’s back.

Road trip-itis.

For years, I’ve suppressed it, denied it, refused to acknowledge it, and it’s my own fault now.

Two weeks ago, I drove to Scottsdale, Arizona. Last week, I drove to Chicago.  This week, I’m itching to hit the road again, and see more, but I want more, I want red rock, and open plain, and mountains… I want more scenery than the heartland of America can give me here in the St. Louis-metro area.

I’m sorry. My sins are egregious: whatever I do in recycling is negated when I put pedal to metal and send the Silver Streak hurtling down an Interstate highway. Mea culpa.

But it’s true: Thirty-five hundred miles to Arizona and back over a weekend left me more energized and vibrant than a weekend of lazy napping.

Oh, help me, I have it bad.





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