Yesterday, a co-worker asked me for some advice about photography because she “heard” I take pictures.

Apparently, her sister is getting married in April, and wants the sister wants my co-worker to take pictures at the wedding. I asked her what kind of camera she had. Co-worker said she didn’t have a camera, but would be using her sister’s and it was a… what kind are there? We determined that it was a Canon, and she thinks, she thinks, it’s DSLR.

My red flags went up and I referred her to a photography studio that I knows does lessons, and a local camera club.

What I didn’t tell my co-worker is that shooting a wedding is hard work, not everyone is cooperative (nor are they necessarily photogenic), and you can’t really enjoy the celebration when you’re concentrating on making the bride look sane on her special day.

I’ve shot one — count ’em — one wedding. It was for a friend of my boss’s.

From that one wedding I vow I will do another only if a) I am completely doped to the gills when I agree to do it, and/or b) I’m paid gobs and gobs of money.

Now, I don’t mind hard work, but I expect a little cooperation from the wedding party while I’m spending my precious weekend shooting their wedding gratis. (How it came about is a whole ‘nother story.)

I should have had an inkling of what this would be like when I ended up helping the bride with her dress because her maid of honor was nowhere to be found.

And then immediately after the service, the wedding party (actually the groom’s side) tried to disappear from  the Church — they had to be texted and phoned to re-assemble for pictures. And then they begrudgingly stood for the photos. Trying to get them all together at the reception site for wedding party photos was particularly trying, but we did manage to get a few in….

As far as I know, the happy couple is still happy. I don’t know. I never got any feedback from my contribution, and I never got a thank you for spending my day off herding cats. I applaud those folks out there who do shoot weddings: you have more patience with people than I do.


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