My passion is photography.

I started shooting when I was a kid: my dad fancied himself a photographer.  He had the technical skill, but his images seemed to lack spark, and while mine seem to have spark, I can’t tell you what I did to get what I got. I haven’t thought in f-stops in since high school.

I got back into photography in a limited when when I became a licensed real estate agent. While I enjoyed the paperwork and deadlines needed to get the deal through the pipeline, I was never comfortable selling myself to get the seller’s contract. But what I especially loved was photographing the houses. I believe every house should have good photos.

Tonight, I ran into an real estate agent I used to work with. She keeps up with my photos through Facebook and Flickr, but didn’t realize I love shooting houses. I told her for a flat $60, I’ll shoot the house, edit the photos, upload to the MLS and provide the agent with both the edited and unedited photos. I think her eyes sparkled.

Below are some photos from some of the homes I listed for sale in the St. Louis area.




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