Just Visiting: This Planet

[And now for something completely different…]

Kee stood on the beach, at the line where the surf and sand meet. Her bare feet were cold on this November day, but she dug her toes into the sand and marvelled at the subtle movement as the ocean tried to coax her into itself. The wind whipped her hair around as if they were tendrils of a deranged Medusa, and the sun cast sparkling diamonds on the water.

The jacket she wore was comfortable enough: the manufacturer specialized in all terrain/all-weather apparel to minimize packing. She never wore shoes when she traveled. She preferred touching land in her bare feet.

Behind her, the boardwalk was a lazy kind of alive: November was neither here nor there. It was past the peak tourist season, but too early for snowbirds fleeing the bitter winters to the North.

She berated herself, though, for trying to save some money on the excursion by choosing the “Random Drop-Off” option; she’d read enough to know that it was really worth the extra cost to be dropped off in one of the many metropolises of the world, where one could arrive without attention and just … blend in.

But perhaps luck was with her. She glanced around: No one had noticed her. Kee decided that this was a good omen, and hoisted her pack onto her shoulders. It was time to find a place to stay — after all, this was supposed to be the vacation paradise of the universe.


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