I did my Federal tax returns the other night and promptly burst into tears.

I changed jobs last February, and this past November 28, my property was transitioned to another management company, so I had to wait for 3 W-2s, the last of which was from the new company. I dutifully plugged in the numbers, while another part of my brain thought about the long hours, the hard work, the resident complaints, the resident maintenance requests, the company politics …

I discovered that I had made just over $23,000.

My refund from the Feds is around $190.

And I voluntarily pay in an extra $7.00 per pay period, just because I don’t want to be caught short like I did that year when they reduced the Social Security tax from 4% to 2%.

When I saw that, I got mad, I felt exhausted, I felt *used.* I thought about the women on my previous property who are using other people’s kids so they can get a bigger refund — the not-so-secret scam, but me, no, I’m honest, I’m ethical, I believe in paying my fair share — just, suddenly, I could feel in my bones that I’m not paying “my fair share.” I suddenly felt on my shoulders the weight of every multi-million/billion dollar corporation that can report record profits but pay close to  zero in taxes. I suddenly felt resentful of the people on fixed incomes living in subsidized housing who are also getting utility reimbursements and tax credits because they rent.

I suddenly felt the weight of it all pressing down on me.

I don’t want to feel resentful, I don’t want to be mad.

But I also know, realistically, that no politician in this country would dare Change The Way It Is — it would open him/her up to scrutiny, and, frankly, they won’t/don’t want to give up their perks and entitlements either.

So, when that $190 comes, I’ll do what I was planning to do anyway — feed it back into the Oil Industry, and road trip. It just means I sleep in the car in a truck stop instead of a Motel 6.















































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