Just Visiting: Sedona, AZ

The road trip consisted of hard driving: St. Louis to Scottsdale and back in four days, Thursday through Sunday.

I love hard driving; I need hard driving.

I needed to see and feel the desert again.

Scottsdale was awesome, bright, sunshiny; always a great place to visit.

IMG_9360IMG_9362But this time, Sedona called me too.

I haven’t been to Sedona in about ten years, and it didn’t seem a great detour off of I-17 northbound into Oak Creek and Sedona. Truth be told, ten years is a lifetime in the desert. Oak Creek is barely recognizable from all of the new construction, and frankly every traffic planner seems to be frantic to birth more roundabouts: They’re freaking everywhere.

Once in Sedona, however, I felt at home again, and I even got to feel a vortex’s energy buzzing behind my third eye. Awesome.


I spent the bulk of my brief visit exploring Son Silver West’s amazing array of stuff: chili pepper wreaths, ceramics, antiques, jewelry, and their little chapel. For a color-starved photographer, this place was heaven.

















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