Just Visiting: Vincennes, Indiana

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Vincennes, Indiana, located on the Wabash River, was officially founded in 1732, and, according to Wikipedia, is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in Indiana….” Since the late 1970s, this small city in western Indiana has hosted an annual Revolutionary War reenactment on the commons adjacent to the George Rogers Clark National Historic Park. This Rendezvous is meant to bring back to life the sights, sounds, and (at least some of) the smells of  late 18th century/early 19th century Vincennes.

Vincennes is only about three hours from St. Louis, taking I-64 to where IMG_9724it meets Hwy 50, and then just follow the road signs to Vincennes. (Take the second Vincennes exit, the one over the Indiana border.) Also…. when you cross that border into Indiana, remember that you’re now on Eastern time.

It’s a good time, somewhat different than Fort de Chartres’ Rendezvous, in that they seem to have more merchants, and many of them seem to be local and Indiana based.

One of the merchants had fresh goat cheese, and by fresh,  I mean fresh. They were giving demonstrations of goat milking, and on the table near the demonstration stage was the cheese.

Among the other merchants (and there were a couple dozen) were potters, furniture makers, cloth & yarn merchants, milliners, at least one blacksmith.


There’s also wall-to-wall food: turkey legs, chicken n’dumplins, pie, beignets (Vincennes, after all, it was a French-founded trading post), and in-husk roasted corn, to name a few.

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