Kvetch, Grouse, Grumble, Squawk

The four black plexi rectangles are Art, with a capital A.

I know this is Art with a capital A because it’s in a Museum, bold and in italics.

I had eight framed photographic prints in a local store for the last year, They are 8″x10″ prints, matted and framed and, I believe, reasonably priced at $30 each. The subjects are landscapes and florals, meant to go with almost every decor, and appeal to the customers of the venue, a metaphysical shoppe.

Out of eight framed prints, one has sold in the last year.

So the question remains: Qu’est-ce que l’art?










2 thoughts on “Kvetch, Grouse, Grumble, Squawk

  1. Art is anything ugly, profane or impossible for the “average” person to understand as long as it’s in a gallery or museum 🙂 It must jolt the viewer out of his pleasant afternoon daydreams and remind him that the world is awful and hopeless.

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