Just Visiting: Staunton IL

Staunton, Illinois is an easy drive northbound on Interstate 55. Get off the highway, turn right and then turn left onto the frontage road and mosey up a mite and you’re at Country Classic Cars, LLC. If you’ve driven up that way, you’ve seen it, and have probably meant to check it out.

Do it. Check it out.

Leave your checkbook home.

13 acres.

5 huge buildings.

More classic cars than you’ve ever likely seen in one place and most of them for sale.

(Note to Mysterious Benefactor: I would really, really, really love to own the 1963 cherry-red Thunderbird. It’s only twenty-grand. I promise not to drive it like I drive the Fiesta….)

Established in 1999, they said in the office that Country Classic Cars gets Asian tourists by the bus-load and they’re really nuts over anything Route 66 related. Who knew?

That said, I want a job where I can drive cars to destinations all over the country. Any suggestions?